The beginner blogger's guide to blogging like a boss…

You have a good idea. Now let's turn it into a great blog.

Let's face it. Blogging. is. hard.
You can have a brilliant idea for a blog that could help so many people. But to get it out there, you've got to master both sides of the internet: the tech and the business. And that stuff is hard.
I get it.
But now I'm here to be your blogging sidekick.
I'll decipher the tech stuff and decode the business jargon so that you can focus on blogging, not on Googling some random plugin.
If you're ready to blog like a boss, then this site is for you.

What can I help you with first?


Whether you're stuck on the business side or the tech side, let's dive in and figure it out! The resources here will give your blog some heart eyes.


Pinterest is my favorite topic, and for good reason. It's a blog growth machine. Let's learn how to use it the right way with the resources over here.

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