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hey, friend...

I'm Becca.

Welcome to Blog & Biz, the beginner blogger's guide to blogging like a boss.

I'm here to help you turn your good ideas into a great blog. I know you have valuable content for your readers, but tech stuff can get in the way. I'm all about helping you get your content online in the right way, so that you can help your tribe.

I've blogged on and off since high school (remember Live Journal?!) and along the way I've learned a lot. My first blog was a disaster, but I'd like to think that this one is a little bit better.

So where did this blog come from? Well, in 2016 on a trip to Croatia and Slovenia, I decided that I wanted to start a travel blog, so I did. But after a couple months, I realized that what I really wanted to blog about was...blogging! I really enjoyed helping other bloggers with their blog and social media strategy. And so Blog & Biz was born.

Now I'm all about helping you with your systems and strategies so you can build an awesome blog.

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