11 Ways to Grow Your Blog

Growing your blog isn't always easy. There are a million things to do, but here are 11 ways to grow your blog right now.

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11 Ways to Grow Your Blog

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Network in Facebook groups

I can attest that there are a million blogger Facebook groups out there (I'm probably in half of them). I only actively participate in a handful, but they can be super, super useful. You can share your links (if it's allowed) and meet other bloggers in your niche. And get your questions answered. Facebook groups are a great way to do all of that.

Make sure to check out my Facebook group, The Blog Biz Network!

Use social share buttons

You should definitely have social share buttons on your blog. I have them on the lefthand side and below each post. This ensures that it just takes one click for someone to share your post to Twitter, Pinterest, or whatever. Obviously you want your post to be shared as many times as possible, so make it as easy as possible. SumoMe and Social Warfare are my favorites for this if you're using WordPress. If you're on Squarespace, you can use SumoMe or just use Squarespace's native social share buttons (depending on your template).

Use social follow buttons

Just like you should have social share buttons, you also need social follow buttons. This means that it just takes one click for someone to follow you on Facebook or Instagram.

And hey, here's my shameless plug to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Automate your social media

I just did a whole post on social media automation right here, so I'll let you read the details there. But the short version is: SmarterQueue and Tailwind, and BoardBooster rock my socks and save me approximately 25 hours a day.

Use the Milo Tree pop-up

Milo Tree is a small pop-up that comes up in the righthand bottom corner of the screen when you enter. And it asks the reader to follow you on one of the social networks, or to enter their email. I use it for Pinterest follows, but you could use it for other networks as well. I like it because it's small and unobtrusive, but still gets the job done.

Grow Your Blog

Schedule your content

With some exceptions, I generally schedule all of my content ahead of time. I know what I'll be posting on the blog for the next few weeks. It helps me stay on schedule and it means that I have time to properly plan each post. Good content = growth.

Use Yoast SEO and proper keyword locations

SEO (search engine optimization) is crucial for blog growth. If Google doesn't like your blog, it'll bury it. People teach entire courses on it (and I'm not one of those people). But the Yoast SEO plugin for Wordpress is a lifesaver. It tells you exactly what to do to improve your SEO on every post, in real time. It's free. So get it.

Run a giveaway

I've had giveaways add almost 1100 people to my list. For real, that's pretty crazy. And it's not like I was giving away a free car. Giveaways are the fastest way to grow your list. I use the King Sumo app and love it. It creates a viral giveaway, meaning that everyone gets a unique link, and if they are it on Twitter and someone else enters through their link, they get extra entries. People love it.

Grab your Blog Planner!

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Great blogs start with great plans.

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Utilize content upgrades

Put content upgrades in every blog post. People like free stuff. You have to give people value in exchange for their email address. Never forget that. Make (good) content upgrades and you'll keep people coming back for more.

Start an email course or challenge

Running a free email course/challenge is a great way to grow your list and to show your own expertise in your niche. My current main email course, Blog Boom Bootcamp, has been great for my list. If you have something like ConvertKit, it's SO easy to run an email course, too. Writing the content takes time, of course, but after that it takes about 5 minutes to set up in ConvertKit and then you never have to touch it again.

Get serious about Pinterest

Last, but very certainly not least, if you want to grow your blog, you should get real about Pinterest. Pinterest can bring crazy traffic to your blog. But you must, must, must use it correctly. Otherwise it'll do basically nothing. I've got a long post on it here, and a way more in-depth explanation in my course, Pinterest Pop. Check those out if you haven't gotten on the Pinterest train yet. You won't regret it.

There you have it, 11 ways to grow your blog. Which ones are you using? Let me know in the comments!

Grab your Blog Planner!

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Great blogs start with great plans.

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