25 Ideas for Instagram Posts

If you're like me, then you're always looking for ideas of what to post on Instagram. Ideas for Instagram posts can sometimes be hard to come by.

So here's a list of 25 ideas for Instagram Posts:

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1 | Introduce yourself

#fridayintroductions are a great way to introduce yourself to your audience. Post a photo of yourself and talk about your background, your business, what you do in your free time...whatever you'd like. It's a great way to humanize your brand.

2| Selfies

Selfies may get a bad name (or a good name, depending on where you're coming from). But they're great to share once in a while on Instagram. Don't make your entire grid one big selfie-fest, but done correctly they can be a great way to put a face on your business.

3| Behind the scenes

Share some photos of your office, your workspace, your messy kitchen...whatever works. People like to see what goes on behind the scenes of a business.

4| Your family

If you're comfortable with it, share some photos of your family. It can be a great way to connect with your audience

5 | A travel pic

People love travel pics. At least I know I do. Living vicariously is worth it.

6 | Your to-do list

What's on your to-do list for the week? Sharing it can make you relatable and start up a conversation.

7 | Favorite tools

What are your favorite tools to use in your biz? You're the expert, so share the knowledge! And this can be a great place to drop an affiliate link.

8 | Your workspace

Share pretty photos of your desk, your office, or wherever you're working. People love this stuff.

9 | Your site

Share a mockup image of your website, especially if you've made recent changes. People love to see what you're up to.

10 | Pretty photos that match your brand colors

Let's be real - sometimes it's fun to just post a flatlay. Find one that matches your brand colors and go for it!

11 | Questions for your readers

Ask your readers a question. Your photo can match or not. But asking questions increases engagement and that's what Instagram is looking for.

12 | Currently reading/watching

What are you currently reading? Watching? Whatever it is, it can be a nice little peak into your life for your Instagram followers.

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13 | New blog posts

Got a new blog post? Create a graphic for it and post it to Instagram! It can be a great way to share what you're doing and maybe get a little blog traffic from Instagram while you're at it.

14 | New products/services

Got a new product? Service? Whatever you've got going on, Instagram is a great place to share it. Create a promo graphic for it, or use a normal photo and write about it in the caption. Either way, it's great to share.

15 | Webinars

Hosting a webinar? Create a promo graphic and post that bad boy on Instagram. People scrolling around might be interested in your topic, and maybe you'll get some new sign-ups out of it!

16 | Your favorite spot

What's your favorite spot in your house? Or your town? Or the world? Share a pic and tell us all about it in the caption.

17 | Pets

People are suckers for a good cute pet photo. I try not to do it too much (because let's be real, I could do it every day).

18 | Quotes

Quotes are great to share on Instagram. They often get lots of engagement. You can create them in apps like Word Swag or Canva. Check out my list of fav Instagram tools to see the apps that I love to use for quotes.

19 | Testimonials

If you've got client/student/whatever testimonials that sing your praises, then share them on Instagram! Make a graphic using something like Canva and post away!

20 | Freebies

Content upgrades/freebies are a great way to grow your list, and Instagram is a great place to talk about those freebies. Create a promo graphic in Canva and explain how they can get it in the caption.

21 | Boomerangs

Boomerangs are those fun little 4 second gifs that you can create using the Boomerang app on your phone. They're just silly and fun to share once in a while.

22 | Your morning routine

I don't know why, but people (including me) are fascinated by other people's morning routines. Post about yours!

23 | Tips and tricks

What are some tips and tricks in your industry? Share them and educate your followers.

24 | Goals

Goal setting is a great practice. So why not bring it over to Instagram? Share your goals and ask your followers what theirs are too.

25 | Before and after

Got a before and after shot of a website you redesigned? Or your new office? Or...anything? These make for great photos and great captions.

Those are my 25 ideas. What are yours??

Let me know in the comments!

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