How to Add Urgency to Your Course with Deadline Funnel

When you've got a course, one of the major questions you've got to answer is whether you're going to do open/close launches, or keep it evergreen. There are merits to both, but that's a question for another day. Let's assume that you are going to keep it evergreen. You need to know how to add urgency to your course. And my favorite way to add urgency to an evergreen product: Deadline Funnel.

How to add urgency to your evergreen course with Deadline Funnel! Deadline Funnel is a great blog tool for your course! Perfect for bloggers and course creators. Click to get the scoop!

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Deadline Funnel adds urgency to evergreen products, and it does it in a few ways.

Deadline Funnel allows you to set up sales page links that expire after X amount of time (let's say 48 hours). And they actually do expire, all on their own. No need to remember to go in and break the link.

Why is this cool? Because you can send an email promoting your course and offering a personalized special 48-hour offer. The deadline can be different for everyone.

So, for example, I could go into ConvertKit and set up an automation so that when a reader signs up for Freebie X, 3 days later they'll get an email telling them about Course X and giving them that personalized 48-hour deadline. Their 48 hours solely depends on when they opted in. The next person who opts in will have a totally different 48 hours. Get it?

This allows you to totally automate the evergreen urgency process.

Additionally, Deadline Funnel also gives you countdown timers to place on the top or bottom of your sales pages (or whatever other site you want), and email timers. All synced with that 48 hours.'s awesome.


You can use Deadline Funnel in a few ways to add urgency to an evergreen product.

You could close your course, except to those people getting emailed about it. So it's not just available through a link on your website, you can only get it through that 48-hour email. This creates real urgency because they can't get it elsewhere.

Alternatively, you could have the course offered elsewhere, but offer some kind of special bonus(es) in the 48-hour email. So you can always get the course, but for 48 hours, you can get it with these special bonuses.

Deadline Funnel is a fantastic way to add real urgency to your evergreen products (sidenote: please don't add fake urgency. That's not cool).