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Top Ten Tips for New Bloggers

Blogging is hard. Like, really hard. And non-bloggers don't really get that, because it doesn't seem hard. But, dude, it is. And if you're new at it, you're probably looking around like "OMG, what do I do next?!" You need these tips for new bloggers.Well, I have a few answers for you. Now, I could write a good-sized treatise about blog tips. So I can't give you everything you need to know about blogging in one blog post. And honestly, if a blog post is purporting to tell you everything about a topic like may want to look for another blog post.But, I do have ten tipsto get you started. If I had to pick just ten things that I wish I had known the day I started my first blog, this is it. So here you go, your Top Ten Tips for New Bloggers:

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How to Custom Edit Styled Stock Photos for Your Blog and Brand

Have you ever wondered exactly how you should be using styled stock photos on your blog and social media accounts?

In some situations, leaving the image as-is is the perfect use for it. But what about all the other graphics you need to run your business? For example, you’ll need custom social media headers, promotional images, pins, tweets, Instagram photos, blog post images, buttons, banners, website elements, and a bunch more.

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How to Pick Fonts For Your Blog

If you're branding (or rebranding) your blog, fonts are one of the key decisions you'll have to make. How to pick fonts for your blog is a crucial part of your brand, and how readable your site will be. There are no hard and fast rules about which fonts are "good" or "bad," but there are some guidelines to follow when picking a font out there to help you out. Let's check it out.

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