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How To Do An Automated Webinar Funnel

Do you have a course or digital product that you need to sell? Love the idea of webinars, but hate actually going live all the time? You, my friend, may be in the market for an automated webinar funnel. Let's talk about how to do an automated webinar funnel.An automated webinar is one that you prerecord and then offer to your audience on an evergreen basis. We'll talk about how to do that below. Automating your webinars also allows you to automate your sales! You can put everyone who watches your webinar into a sales funnel, and hopefully sell your course (or whatever you're selling). Let's get into it.

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How to Host a Webinar For the First Time

You've definitely seen bloggers promoting their webinars all over the place. You probably know how great they can be. But getting started is a big scary step! Believe me, I know. I've been there. It took me way too long to get up the nerve to get started on webinars. But now that I know how to host a webinar, I love doing it, and it's growing my business. So let's talk about how to host a webinar for the first time.

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How to Add Urgency to Your Course with Deadline Funnel

When you've got a course, one of the major questions you've got to answer is whether you're going to do open/close launches, or keep it evergreen. There are merits to both, but that's a question for another day. Let's assume that you are going to keep it evergreen. You need to know how to add urgency to your course. And my favorite way to add urgency to an evergreen product: Deadline Funnel.

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