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How to Get a Button in the Menu Bar on Brine in Squarespace

Brine template is pretty widely thought to be the best Squarespace template out there right now (Brine and its family). But the menu bar in Brine doesn’t come with a default button like you might find in the Bedford template. What to do? Just follow this guide. This is how to put a button on your menu bar on Brine in Squarespace without any coding.

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How to Create a Resource Library on Squarespace

Have you created a resource library on your Squarespace site yet? A resource library can be a great way to get people to opt into your list. A resource library is a page on your site where all of your content upgrades can be downloaded without having to enter an email address. They just opt in once to get the password, and then they can access everything. And it's easy to create on Squarespace! Here's how to create a resource library on Squarespace.

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