How To Do An Automated Webinar Funnel

Do you have a course or digital product that you need to sell? Love the idea of webinars, but hate actually going live all the time? You, my friend, may be in the market for an automated webinar funnel.

Let's talk about how to do an automated webinar funnel. An automated webinar is one that you prerecord and then offer to your audience on an evergreen basis. We'll talk about how to do that below. Automating your webinars also allows you to automate your sales! You can put everyone who watches your webinar into a sales funnel, and hopefully sell your course (or whatever you're selling).

Let's get into it.

How to Do an Automated Webinar Funnel. Learn how to set up an automated webinar or an evergreen webinar! This is great for bloggers! #blogging, #blogtips, #blogandbiz, #webinar

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Why use an automated webinar?

When you have an automated webinar, you can give that webinar to your audience 24/7 (or on whatever schedule you want). You get all the benefits of a webinar (sales, increases in your email list, growing your tribe), but you don't actually have to go live. Everything is prerecorded, and it goes out on demand. You'll set up a series of emails to go out after they watch the webinar too, so it's all automated.

The tools you'll need

You'll need a few tools to run an automated webinar funnel. There may be other options out there, but these are the tools that I use and recommend.


EverWebinar is a part of Webinar Jam, and it's all about automated webinars.

EverWebinar allows you to upload a prerecorded video of your webinar, and then to allow people to register on whatever schedule you want. For example, on my automated webinar registration page, people can register for my webinar at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, or 4:00 pm (local time), or it will also give them an option to start the webinar in 15 minutes. This allows people to watch the webinar more or less on demand, and I don't have to do anything!

Automated Webinar registration

EverWebinar lets you customize your registration and thank you pages. It also allows you to display your offer with a BUY NOW button for either the whole webinar, or a portion that you select (for example, mine appears about halfway through when I start talking about my course). You can integrate your Facebook pixel, and it'll hook up with ConvertKit.I do wish that the registration pages were more customizable, so it's not perfect. But the system runs well.

Deadline Funnel

Deadline Funnel allows you to create a series of timers and expiring links for your evergreen automated webinar funnel. With Deadline Funnel, you set a deadline (for example, my course stays open until 11:59 PM EST on the third day after they sign up for the webinar), and then it provides you with countdown timers accordingly.

Automated webinar Deadline Funnel

You can use these timers in a few ways. You can use countdown bars and inline bars on your sales page.

And you can create email timers for your funnel emails.

But other software can create countdown timers too. Where Deadline Funnel really shines is that it allows you to create unique links for each person who signs up for your webinar, so they're all on their own timer.

In my funnel, everyone has until 11:59 PM on the third day to sign up for the course, and the timers all reflect that. But if Joe signs up today and Bob signs up two days from now, they'll have different deadlines, and their timers will reflect that. You can even set the sales page link to expire after the deadline and redirect people to another link of your choice.

Deadline Funnel makes the evergreen webinar process SO much easier. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Automated webinar Deadline Funnel


Some people may buy your course right from the webinar page, but most likely they'll need some sales funnel nurturing. That's where ConvertKit comes in.

Now, ConvertKit is not the only email provider out there, but I do believe that it's the best, and it really excels in the automated funnel arena.

First, I have my automations set up so that when someone registers for the webinar through EverWebinar, they're automatically tagged with a particular tag in ConvertKit (I love how easy ConvertKit makes it for you to keep track of people like this). At the same time as they get tagged, they also get signed up for my automated funnel sequence. ConvertKit makes it really easy to create automated sequences. Everyone who signs up for the automated webinar enters into my funnel. They then receive a series of five automated emails (unless they buy the course, in which case they stop getting the emails). It's incredibly easy to set this all up. You just write your emails (that's the hard part), load them

into the sequence, set up the timing, and go. Everyone goes through this funnel at their own pace, depending on when they signed up for the webinar. So at any given time, I have people at all stages of this sequence.

But once I set it up, my work is done. ConvertKit takes care of everything else.

Recording your webinar

Now that we've talked about the tools you need for your funnel, let's talk about the actual webinar. There are lots of different types of webinars, but you'll most likely want some combination of your face on screen and slides.I make my slides in Apple Keynote, which is pretty easy to use. If you're not on the creative side, Creative Market has a ton of fantastic Keynote (or Powerpoint) templates that you can use.

Once my slides are ready (and once I've practiced and gone through them a few times), I record my webinar using Screenflow. Screenflow records my screen (which is playing my slides) as I talk over them.

I use an ATR 2100 microphone and a Logitech C920 webcam as well.

You can edit your presentation using Screenflow (or another editing software of your choice) until it's perfect. Another advantage of an automated webinar!

Don't make it too perfect though. You should still sound authentic!

Using EverWebinar

Once you record your webinar, you can set up EverWebinar. Upload your video to YouTube and paste the link into EverWebinar. It'll then guide you through the steps to set up your webinar. You can customize your registration page, set the schedule, and all that good stuff.

Using Deadline Funnel and ConvertKit

You'll also want to set up Deadline Funnel at the same time. Set whatever deadline you want, and Deadline Funnel will guide you on how to implement it in the right places. You'll need to paste some code into your EverWebinar registration page, and on the sales page for your course.

Deadline Funnel will also give you a code to paste into your emails to show a timer. You can use this in all your funnel emails.

Finally, Deadline Funnel will give you a unique link to use in your emails. This link will be unique to each person, so their timer is set depending on when they signed up. It's all automated!

You can set your emails up in ConvertKit using this special link and these timers (and whatever images and other stuff you want too). There's no magical rule on how many emails to send, but I send a total of five.

That's it! If you use EverWebinar, Deadline Funnel, and ConvertKit, you can have your automated webinar funnel set up in no time.

Are you running any automated webinar funnels? Let me know in the comments!