How to Get a Button in the Menu Bar on Brine in Squarespace

Brine template is pretty widely thought to be the best Squarespace template out there right now (Brine and its family). But the menu bar in Brine doesn’t come with a default button like you might find in the Bedford template. What to do? Just follow this guide. This is how to put a button on your menu bar on Brine in Squarespace without any coding.

This is how to create a menu bar button or navigation button on Brine in Squarespace! It’s super easy and you don’t need any code! Click through to learn how! #blogandbiz, #squarespace, #squarespacetips

1 | Create whatever page you want to display as a button

You need to have your page created before going any further. It doesn’t have to be done, it just has to exist in the list of pages.

2 | Drag your button page to “Secondary Navigation”

Most of the links that you want in your menu bar will be in “Primary Navigation.” But you want this one link - the one you want to be a button - to be in “Secondary Navigation.” This is going to allow you to set styles only for that one link. Can you see where this is going?

menu bar button on squarespace.png

3 | Set up your menu bar

In the Design tab, you can select positions for your logo, your primary navigation, and your secondary navigation.

Put your logo in the Top Left.

Put BOTH your Primary Navigation and Secondary Navigation in the Top Right.

Your Secondary Navigation link should now be the farthest to the right (or last in the list).

4 | Uncheck the Inherit button

In your Design tab, under “Header: Secondary Navigation,” make sure that the option to “Inherit Primary Navigation Styles” is UNCHECKED.

5 | Set the styles for your button

Now it’s time to set your Secondary Navigation styles (which remember, is just that one link).

Under “Style",” choose “Button.”

Then you can change the button shape, the color, the font, and all that good stuff.

navigation button on squarespace.png

You’re done!

The last link in your menu bar should now be displaying as a clickable button.

That’s how you put a button in your menu bar without any coding.

Did it work for you? Tell me in the comments!