How to Get Followers on Instagram

Everyone in the blogging universe is always on a quest for more Instagram followers. I don't know why people care so much more about their count on Instagram than on, say, Twitter, but they do (and I do too...guilty as charged). I've been growing my account steadily for more than a year now, and I've got some tips for how to get more followers on Instagram.

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Get more followers by planning your feed

Instagram is about more than just the one pretty picture that you're posting right now. It's also about your feed as a whole. Basically, the grid of your last nine photos. Take a look at it. Does it have a cohesive theme?Even if each individual picture is good, they might not look good together. Bummer.This is when it's nice to have a grid planning tool.


Planoly allows you to plan your Instagram feed out visually so you can see how your photo are going to look in the grid before you actually post them. You can put your real images right into your real grid, move things around, and find the best way to post them. Then you can copy them straight from Planoly into Instagram, and voila -- a gorgeous feed.

How to Get Instagram Followers

Get more followers by paying attention to analytics

If you pay attention to your numbers, you may find that they can be more useful than you might think. That's where an analytics tool comes in handy...


Iconosquare is an analytics tool that shows you all kinds of numbers about your Instagram account. It's got graphs about your follower numbers, about the best times to post, about when people are commenting, and more. It can be a great tool.

How to Get Instagram Followers

Get more followers by editing your photos well

This one is probably pretty obvious, but--you need to have pretty photos. And a lot of what makes a photo pretty goes on in the editing apps.Here are a few of my favorites:

  • A Color Story

  • Facetune 2

  • VSCO

  • Afterlight

  • Snapseed

Instagram Tools

Get more followers by directing people to your Instagram

It never hurts to remind people to head over to your Instagram and give it some love. There are lots of ways you can do this.

Calls to Action

You can include calls to action in emails, blog posts, or whatever else you've got going on.

Follow Buttons

It's always a good idea to include follow buttons on your blog so that people can follow you on Instagram (and the other social platforms). Mine are in my sidebar and my footer. Simple Social Icons is a good plugin for WordPress, and Squarespace has the capability built right in.

Instagram Widgets

You can also display your Instagram right on your blog to attract more followers. I do this in my footer.

Get more followers by using hashtags

No surprise here, but using hashtags can be a great way to grow on Instagram. You can use up to 30, and I usually use all 30. Finding which 30 to use is tricky. There's no magic to it, but apps like Hashtagger are helpful for finding new hashtags.

Another great resource is Zoe Linda’s Hashtag Database. It’s got thousands of hashtags in dozens of categories. The work is done for you! Highly recommend.

Get more followers by participating in giveaways

Some people have no interest in growing through giveaways, so that's fine, there's absolutely no need to do it.But, if you are interested, they can be a way to add thousands of followers in a matter of days. There are many loop giveaway accounts that run giveaways that you can join, or you could team up with a group of friends and run your own.

Instagram Tools

What are you doing on Instagram to grow your following? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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