How to Install a Plugin on WordPress

Super interesting topic right here. Just kidding, it's not really. But, you do need to know how to install a plugin if you want to take full advantage of everything WordPress has to offer. This is how to install a plugin on WordPress.

How to Install a Plugin on WordPress

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Here's how to install a plugin on WordPress:

  • A page that looks like this will come up. This is the list of plug-ins that you already have installed (if you have any). Click "Add new" (up at the top, next to where it says Plugins"
  • Two options now. You can either (a) search for a plugin, or (b) download one that you already have.
  • If you want to search, just type in what you want and click "Search." I wanted an Instagram plug-in, so I searched for "Instagram."
  • Find the one you want, and hit "Install."
  • Then, go back to the "Plugins" page on the left sidebar. Find the one you just installed on the list and hit "Activate."
  • For Option B, hit "Add new plugin." Then hit "Choose file" and find the file that you already downloaded. Hit Install. Then be sure activate it (the same way as above).
  • Depending on the plugin, you may or may not have some settings to configure. Sometimes you will do this from the main Plugins page, other times it will be listed individually on the left sidebar and you'll do it from there. The settings you'll need to configure just depend on the individual plug-in.

That's it! Easy as pie.

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