How to Use BoardBooster to Grow Your Pinterest

How much time are you spending every week on Pinterest? If you're not using a Pinterest automation tool, then the answer is probably way too little or way too much. If you're spending too little time, then you're just not getting stuff done. And if you're spending too much time, then you're probably pretty darn sick of pinning. Pinterest requires some serious strategy. If you're using it right, you can get more traffic to your blog with Pinterest. But if you're using it wrong, you're probably seeking just a small trickle of clicks. But here's the deal: BoardBooster can seriously up your game. But you've got to know how to use it. Here's how to use BoardBooster to grow your Pinterest and boost your blog traffic.

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How to Use BoardBooster to Get More Traffic to Your Blog with Pinterest

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How to Use BoardBooster: Scheduling Pins

You can use BoardBooster to schedule your pins. And this is awesome. Pinterest likes pinners who are pinning consistently. So if you're pinning all day long, then you're going to get rewarded and you're going to get more traffic to your blog from Pinterest. But, most of us aren't going to sit at the computer for 12 hours a day pinning.

BoardBooster lets you pin when you want, without actually pinning.

BoardBooster will create a secret board to parallel each of your real boards. You can pin away to each secret board without anyone knowing. And then BoardBooster will periodically take a pin from your secret board and pin it to the parallel real board. So you're pinning content all day long, even though you actually did the work a week ago while watching Netflix.

 How to Use BoardBooster Scheduler

It just takes a couple minutes to set up, and then you never have to touch it again. So pin away, and Pinterest will never know the difference.

All you have to do is select the board you want to schedule, tell BoardBooster how many times a day to pin and in what time period it should be doing it. There's a few more advanced settings if you want to play around with it, otherwise, you're good to go!

That's how to use BoardBooster for scheduling. Easy peasy!

How to Use BoardBooster: Looping Pins

Just like you can schedule new pins on BoardBooster, you can also "loop" old pins. Looping means that BoardBooster will take an old pin from your board and repin it. So it will show up on the Smart Feed again, and hopefully get more repins. This is a great way to give some juice to stuff you pinned a month or two months or six months ago. And it's the easiest way to increase your daily pin count, because after about 2 minutes of setting it up, it literally requires no work. It runs on complete autopilot. You have to do nothing.

Looping on BoardBooster is extremely easy. You set it up pretty much the same way as scheduling your pins. Just add a few more settings, such as whether BoardBooster should deduplicate the pins (so that you don't have 20 of the same pin on your board after a while) and whether it should keep viral pins with X number of pins.

That's how to use BoardBooster for looping. And it only takes a couple minutes.

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How to Use BoardBooster: Group Boards

You can also use BoardBooster to schedule to group boards via the "Campaigns" feature. You can set it up so that you can pin X number of times per day from a particular source board(s) to whatever group boards you want. So, pin twice a day from your blog board to each of your group boards, and it'll all run on autopilot. You don't have to do a single thing once you set it up.

 How to Use BoardBooster group boards

I would personally never remember to pin to my group boards consistently, so I love this feature. Group boards can be a great way to grow your Pinterest account, but of course you've got to be using them consistently. 

That's how to use BoardBooster for group boards.

How to Use BoardBooster Deleting "Bad" Pins

Pinterest penalizes you for "bad" pins.

Things like broken links or duplicates. But it would take forever to go through and check every time you pin for a broken link. Enter, Pin Doctor.

BoardBooster's Pin Doctor feature will scan all of your pins for $0.01/pin and report back on things like broken links so that you can delete the bad pins. It'll help your Pinterest viability.

Pin Doctor is how to use BoardBooster to get rid of those bad pins. It takes just a couple minutes to tell it what to scan, and then you're all set. Just wait for your results and then delete the offending pins.

How to Use BoardBooster: Pinterest Analytics

BoardBooster also has some snazzy analytics for things like the best time to pin. Pinterest itself has pretty good analytics, but BoardBooster supplements it with some extra stuff. It's always helpful to have these kinds of numbers.

 How to Use BoardBooster analytics

It's always helpful to have extra analytics to know how your account is doing. And BoardBooster helps you do that.

That's how to use BoardBooster to grow your Pinterest.

BoardBooster is a great Pinterest tool that will totally up your game. I use it every single day, and it's one of my all-time favs.

How are you using BoardBooster on your blog?Let me know in the comments!

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