How to Use Tailwind's SmartLoop Feature to Grow Your Pinterest

You may have heard of “looping” pins before, but it used to be that you could only do that on BoardBooster (RIP BoardBooster). When you “loop” pins, old pins get repinned so they get a chance to be seen again. And now there’s good news for Tailwind users. Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature is out, and it works great!

Here’s how to use Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature to grow your Pinterest account.

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What is looping?

Looping means that old pins on a particular board get repinned so that they get seen again on the feed. It’s a great way to get your content seen without having to do anything at all. Once you set it up, it’s all automated. As Tailwind says,

Save hours and hours of manual Pinning and ditch the complicated spreadsheets. Add your Pins to SmartLoop once and we’ll re-circulate them for you - indefinitely.
— Tailwind

BoardBooster used to offer this feature, and now Tailwind does too!

How Tailwind’s SmartLoop feature works

Here’s how SmartLoop works. First, navigate to the SmartLoop area, which is located under the Publisher icon. You'll have the option to select either an evergreen loop (meaning that it runs all the time) or a seasonal loop (meaning that it only runs at particular times of the year). You might want to do a seasonal loop for things like holiday boards. That way you’re not pinning Christmas decorations in July. Otherwise, an evergreen loop is probably what you want.

Next you’ll have the option to name your loop and select which board, or boards, you want the pins to post to. You can have them go all to one board, or to multiple boards.

how to use tailwind's smartloop feature to grow your pinterest

Once you’ve done that, you can add pins to your loop. Select which board you want your pins to come from, and if you want the whole board, or only pins from your own domain. Or you can even hand-select particular pins to be looped. Then add the pins to the loop, and you’re good to go! Your pins will automatically be added to your Smart Schedule.

how to use tailwind's smartloop feature to grow your pinterest

You can also set up “board rules” that tell Tailwind how often they should pin to a particular board. This is useful for group boards that have rules about how often you can post.

how to use tailwind's smartloop feature to grow your pinterest

Using SmartLoop for group boards

SmartLoop also works great for scheduling to group boards. You can set all of your group boards as the boards where the content will be pinned to, and then set your blog board as the board where the content comes from. It’s like the “Campaigns” feature from BoardBooster.

how to use tailwind's smartloop feature to grow your pinterest

How do you get SmartLoop?

If you sign up for Tailwind through this link, you'll see an option for SmartLoop on your account.

how to use tailwind's smartloop feature
how to use tailwind's smartloop feature

SmartLoop is a great feature from Tailwind. I’m using it for all my looping, and my group board pinning now. Combined with the pins that I pin from Tailwind Tribes (another great feature), this accounts for almost all of my pinning.I highly recommend checking out SmartLoop (or all of Tailwind, if you haven’t yet).

Have you tried it yet?? Let me know in the comments!

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